The Complete Human


Imagine my delight when this first of seven images of Edenlight appeared

Though doubtlessly unqualified to posit the bottom line on this one, I will share what I’ve been given:  We are an onion, as well as an anthropomorphic rainbow. This is liberal use of a favorite tool : metaphor and poetic license.  We are multi-layered like an onion yet our various layers are not separated by a gossamer membrane; they coexist inter dimensionally.  Each layer is termed a “body” and each body, like all things in creation, has consciousness, and an agenda. The most common agenda of most bodies is survival. We pretty much take our biological, or Physical Body, for who we are, believing our mind is part of it. The Mental Body, home of the ego, is a separate layer, as are the Emotional Body, Spiritual Body, and Etheric Body. There is an additional one, called the X-Factor, which is one’s Source connection to the unknown. I believe it to be our Divine Body, and the one which enables us to express in the most unusual ways. It is that aspect of our supreme potential which manifests what we call miracles.

To be a whole happy being, it is good to have all the physical and subtle bodies in harmony. Leading up to the Rainbow within us, it is the Heart – the Heart Chakra – vibrating in Green and  its higher register of Pink, which provides the one truly useful interconnection of all the parts: all the bodies.

What is seldom discussed in public education is that our Akashic Record also details  which of our present 6 bodies were engaged in any given past life stream. I encountered cases where I was only, say, the physical body, or any combination of 1-5 bodies, and a handful of lives where I shared all 6. We are all Etheric-Elementals, but few are comfortably in communion with their subtle bodies, which are as real and important as their physical ones.

The ones which most often return to us like lost orphans into our current life are the Emotional Bodies of lives which were challenging at best, and ended appallingly. We’ve all had many of these. We feel them as gnawing angst or terror in the pit of our stomach – our solar receiver -and they do respond to conscious comforting. During a difficult situation I have had as many as 7 of these “past’” emotional bodies show up to cause havoc with my current emotions. Our modern insecurities are indeed ancient. To evolve, we must learn a new way of “forgetting”. There is an old wisdom saying: “To forgive is human, to forget is divine.”



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