Etheric – Elemental Synchronicity

P1100187img_0650img_0651Just like the photos of the quail ; one biological and elemental – of the Earth, and the other cosmic, etheric – of Heaven, so are all things in the third dimension superimposed -a much heavier frequency than the 5th and 6th dimensional realities generally referred to as heaven. Those frequencies are ubiquitous ( don’t forget that Everything meets at the Zero Point in the Quantum Fields of Reality, which exists in each of us),but our ability to perceive this is undergoing a mass awakening. Those of us on the planet right now are in the Graduating Class of Humanity.

Many things might serve as bridges between Heaven and Earth, but none so successfully as an open, selfless heart connected to an open mind which perceives, accepts, and appreciates that we are all part of one greater thing. Anyone who tries to tell you it’s as simple as that is full of it. Probably only full of themselves, but that’s already an epic problem.

When it is said: “The meek shall inherit the Earth.”, the meaning of meek is “teachable”, not weak. I assume this implies that the arrogant shall inherit each other.Can’t say I’ll miss them much.

GIRAFFES, which have 7 neck vertebrae just like us, symbolize this union of the ethers with the firmament, making them biological etheric-elementals. Feet on the Earth / head in the sky.

LINGHAMS: the sacred amalgamated stones from the Ganges, created during a meteor event in which the matter and energies of both Earth and beyond were combined in a beautiful melange of colors where the 2 universes met and meet.

THE NUMBER ELEVEN: 11, the first Master Number, is also an  etheric-elemental Bridge numerologically. It is 1, the Number of God, standing side by side, as in all things.

THE COAST REDWOOD: THE Sequoia sempervirens (meaning “ever green”) is the quintessential botanical etheric- elemental bridge. It has everything going for it: ( for US )
Elementally it is complete, of the Earth, Rooted in the earth, Pumping enormous gallonage of water daily up to its extremities to evaporate into the oxygen rich air it produces, and all possible because of the element fire from the sunlight.Growing hundreds of feet in the air, the redwood’s height and girth , life processes, and very presence make it a priceless friend of man and Earth.

Climbing one won’t get you to Heaven, but loving and protecting them will.

We have long looked to churches to be that bridge, but the only true connection to the divine is directly via our own heart-mind alliance. As useful and wonderful as the Ascended Masters are, Jesus being a perfect interceding connection with Source, even HE came to tell us its all about our own hearts.That gift, as well as the entire history of the multiverse, dwells in every cell of our human bodies.

It only fails to work from self denial; the soul self, or Atman, failing to bask in the glow of our own divinity. Most of us are brainwashed to think that being spiritually self aware is egotistic and heretic. “God” can be separate from nothing.

We are the ultimate etheric-elementals. It goes with that non 3D concept that we are made in God’s image. But only when we awaken to what is already given, and let go of much of what we’ve taken.

HEAVEN IS HERE, which means the Earth can’t possibly be devoid of love.

Our forests, especially the ancient ones, are essential grounders and preservers of those synchronous etheric – elemental energies which keep our planet and the life upon it healthy. They are as much our Mother and Father as anything you could imagine.


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