Hatred and Racism

Hatred is like putting poison in your own Koolaid before passing it around. It is also a sharply honed boomerang; returning to the sender is the only course of action such frightened energies might take. They can ONLY come home. That part is guaranteed. What cannot be estimated is the collateral damage as it blunders its way through how many different being’s reality (or Realities). When it finally comes back to us with no less ugly baggage than it left with, the sender of course wants to send it off again as quickly as any form of victim mis-happens along.

You really can’t call it a perpetual motion machine because love can interrupt the cycle at any magical moment that something might cause a heart to open.To do so by choice is very powerful ju-ju.

It is that kind of choice alone which will save us from terminal insanity. If none of this made any sense, read Eckhardt Tolle’s major books first and then come back. I’m still no Master of The NOW, but I grasp a good working understanding that is still challenged daily. It is the only “time and place” that creation can occur.

Working hand in hand with the universal law of attraction, what we visualize and think about, and are having feelings about, right Now, are the creators of our reality. WE are the creators, but generally have been discouraged from knowing our own divine power. We are much more useful to the lower energetic agendas the more sheep-like we are in our spiritual ignorance. The good thing is, we’re not really stupid, but rather naive and trusting for the most part. A large part of our evolution is giving ourselves permission to be the absolutely unique individual aspect of The One, that we are already. Qualities like humility and compassion then follow naturally – for that is what made us

We control the future only when we control the picture we are projecting of our reality right now. Controlling that picture with all its emotional subtleties, rather than have it control us- which it will- is the trick.

There are many teachers of this essential self presence , some famous , some not; it is the core of all self-help concepts.

The most ironic aspect of probably all racism is that there are enormous odds against the likelihood that you have never been a member of the group you are reviling, while in other life streams. We all came here for a reason, and most of the billions currently on the planet are but new iterations of souls who have had no less than thousands of previous life experiences. It strongly supports that we are all one being in our infinite variety of expression, on fantastical journeys to reunite (or not) with our Perfect Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Etheric, and Divine Bodies.

In my personal exploration of The Akashic Records, an absolutely detailed cosmic account of everything we’ve ever been or done and its effect on our soul,I found compelling reasons to just leave everyone else alone to deal with their own journey. But I do love to share…

I uncovered lives from every race on every continent, lives following every religion, lives as an artist, writer, philosopher, naturalist, preacher, and bum.It just makes it so problematic choosing whom to be prejudiced against.

Racism might be appropriately compared to the fantasy pathogen which spawns all the ZOMBIE shows. Sadly, the one which has infected our planet isn’t a fantasy, yet fits well in the horror genre. The only known prevention and cure of said disease is an open compassionate heart. Love. Kindness. Knowing we are all One.

If you are truly able to avoid being in judgement, it doesn’t matter one bit if you believe in past lives or not. Such knowledge has been long discouraged because of its potentially powerful distraction from living THIS life in the moment. Keep in mind that “past”, “present”, and “future” are a coexistent illusion. Wrap your 3D mind around that. It won’t tell you much beyond survival, because it’s not designed to. Or so we’ve been taught.


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