More About the Photos


Fetus of the new universe. All dots of light are individual orbs; not stars in the background.


One of my few daytime orbs ( by the chimney). I assume it to be some kind of statement about the sky full of disgusting chemtrails. This is not at Edenlight.

I was already in love with photographing the natural world when I got my first orb photos on a night hike on the trails above Indian Valley. Reviewing half a dozen shots I had taken of an especially fetching live oak branch, I nearly deleted the ones with pesky spots on them. Curious, I enlarged the pictures in the viewer to find the spots were all orderly little donuts of light with varying colors and details. Since that night I doubt that I have fewer than 50 thousand digital photographs of orbs and different forms of ectoplasm.

I have orbs with smiley faces, mandarin characters, bites taken out , with craters, and in every imaginable color. There is rarely just one orb, and occasionally a blizzard of them so thick that’s all there is. Several times they have all been pink, though pink orbs are more commonly associated with swimming underwater, especially with dolphins. (Underwater camera required). ,After several years of orbs I began receiving pictures of recognizable things or beings, sometimes in full color. Much more common, and often but not always taken in the presence of wood smoke, are the energy apparitions which don’t quite match any known life form, but are fascinatingly beautiful. They may appear as blue or white light, and sometimes in a granular multi – colored ectoplasm, and others as smooth as though air – brushed.

While I have friends who take photos of amazing apparitions in daylight, with the exception of a few bright orbs, my pictures are all night shots, generally aiming for as much open sky as the growing mini forest of Edenlight allows.


Your guess is as good as mine. jan.2017, in the sky over the gazebo.


A feline E. T.?


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