More Inner Rainbow: The Peridot Chakra


Peridot surrounding ? I want say Crysoprase, but I’m not sure. Let you know later.

Some of you familiar with our seven major bodily chakras ( there are others outside of the physical body) also know there are countless other energy centers and points. A good acupuncturist knows exactly where they are.

There is just below and behind the Fourth, or Heart, Chakra, which may resonate in either green or pink (in this case we are dealing with the green influence), a specialized little energetic organ – which even though green, has quite the opposite effect of Kryptonite on our powers of compassion.

Just below this green gift is the 3rd, or Solar Chakra, expressed in yellow.
The Peridot Chakra ( my own name) being closer to the heart, glows the color of the volcanic gem Peridot; a lustrous translucent golden green.


I discovered its presence while inlaying little rounded nuggets of Arizona Papago peridot into a vertical shrine wall of aqua colored aventurine quartzite. Quite familiar with my internal color chart, finding that part of my chest wasn’t hard. Almost all gems, crystals and minerals have their various magical effects on those parts of the body closest to the chakra who’s color matches that of the mineral involved – whether It be a treatment or simply an appreciative acknowledgement. That is not to say a purple gem can’t have wonderful benefits for a green or orange chakra.

Like I was dowsing with my right hand held flat, palm down, I waved it briefly up and down until it settled definitively before the bottom third of my sternum. There was a flutter as this dormant valve opened, and in my blunt but believing way asked,” What did I receive?” (I really hadn’t a clue yet.)
“You have received the ability to perceive and receive with love.”

You’d be surprised at the difficulties that arise simply because love isn’t working in at least 2 directions. From our Heart – Solar Complex, with the Peridot Chakra anchoring your end of it, it is possible to radiate out our divinity, as much as we are able to receive it. It is always being given., and the Solar Chakra can be kind of like Grand Central Station for all empathy unless the heart is in full partnership with the information exchange.
We receive our etheric / divine directives through our Crown Chakra (purple) and our heart (pink), which make magenta, a color associated with the compassion of the Holy Mother.

We Spirits dressed as humans have an amazing unseen wiring which grounds into Mother Earth, radiates outward to all things, and receives and transmits from heaven through the crown. In a very real sense we are Human Crystal Sets, not truly relying on any outside energy source to operate.


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