The Rainbow Within


The second of the Edenlight series taken 1/1/2013

In recent years most of my art pieces – the sculptures, shrines, altars, and the connecting points for the vortices, portals and crossing grid – or Ley – lines at Edenlight (which DO ground Heaven to Earth continually) honor ALL of the colors, with the forward thought that it takes ALL of them to create an alchemic result. Just as it takes ALL of us to make up the ONE WE TRULY ARE, it takes the entire rainbow, including the infrared and ultraviolet to compose the ONE WHITE LIGHT.

This is one of the primary services of Iris, Goddess of both Peace, and the Rainbow.


Iris is rarely far from my thoughts, but that being said, I must also include Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, Kwan Yin, Krishna, Ganesh, Lakshmi, Mohammed, Archangels, Elohim, and countless Elementals and animal, botanical and mineral spirits. What wonderful company we often ignore!


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