Being Guided

About 15 years ago, Bonnie Gray, wife of John (of Venus/Mars fame) arrived at the garden (yet nameless) with a gifted channeler named Mirra Rose. I subsequently had 3 sessions with Mirra answering life’s questions. During the first and most revealing dialogue with Spirit, I immediately started asking ego- based questions about past lives, and alien experiences from childhood. I felt somewhat rebuffed when the first answer was a rather parently: “We do not believe you are receiving the energies we are sending you.”

Pushing my inner reset button, I changed tack: “OK, what is my relationship with Jesus Christ?”    “Jesus Christ is guiding you.” I didn’t really already know this.

Next question, getting right to the real point;  “What is the difference between me and Jesus?”         Answer: “Nothing.”   That not being very informative by itself, Spirit continued: ” However, Jesus is One who fully understands his Oneness with The Father, and you would do well to do the same.”

A few years later, during time of deep depression, I was walking in the back gate of the garden after work one evening, head hanging, body language droopy, and unaware that the next day I would receive a bill from the IRS for $5K, that I didn’t have. The angst was a soup of financial, marital, and other dimensional influences I didn’t understand at all. About one step into the garden, I clearly heard in my head: “You are going to be just fine.” Click. Another few steps and: ” I will take care of you”. Eyes misting up, I took one more step: “I am with you always.”

I clearly needed that right then. I laid face down on the ground and sobbed. Nothing can ever take this away.

If Jesus is my primary teacher, so follows all of nature.  “Split a piece of wood and I am there.” I get that now.   The whole universe – every molecule – resonates with Source love and consciousness. This may appear to us as infinite iterations of the Divine.



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