Garden Light


This tall Salvia gesnerifolia (sage) is called Tequila, and is one of but many miscellaneous sages, fuchsias, and other tubular flowers which provide year round sustenance for the magical Hummingbirds abuzz in the garden.


Some of the light reaching the garden is sunlight reflected off the moon, then filtered through branches of trees and optic nerves.


Salvia involucrata x cv. “Mulberry Jam”


SPRING’S PROMISE: The tiny emerging buds of Syringa vulgaris – The Lilac

Though it may be in short evidence over much of the planet, Heaven is literally grounded to Earth at Edenlight. More promising, it is what we have truly awaited: Not only is Heaven grounded here, but The Heavens.

It is our divine destiny to freely traverse the 12 lower heavens like no advanced extra-terrestrial humans before us, or now. We have no idea of the diverse consciousness rooting for us. Edenlight is a vibrant deeply rooted grounding mode on an old Miwok worship site, and is linked with her uniquely diverse geo-cousins around the planet. The divine seed was brought to Earth about 104 thousand years ago from the Pleiades.

The 1.11 acre garden (a magical dimension itself), evolved like a very slow sand mandala, perhaps an oblong Kalachakra. Instead of grains of different colored sand,Edenlight is made from trees; now a green forest,a botanical garden, fire pit, Earth grid lines, shrines, altars, totems, vortices, portals, minerals, standing stones, music, a flock of chickens, and a magical healing energy.It is shaman’s spirit animal paradise. The late Ted Andrews loves it. Ascended ones are everywhere. Dolphin energy abounds. The hummingbirds have plenty of year – round nectar in the raw.

Unlike a sand mandala, these sacred components will not be washed away to disperse its blessings. Gaia is pleased here, for she knows she is revered both in and by this space, where she is Not being ravaged for selfish “gain”. Edenlight is a seed of something larger than mere hope.

One properly focused mind could properly achieve the same thing, although it would appear the Universe would like us ALL to wake up.


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