If you want to improve upon your etheric – elemental synergy, to become more in touch with you natural heavenly qualities, meditation is useful. How you do this is personal. There are many schools of thought.

Peace and quiet help. Being in nature is grand. Practice may or may not make perfect. Do it long enough with a reverent focus and your life will become a walking meditation.We already walk with “God”, but it gets better when we know this by default, and begin manifesting happier realities. We are all Creators.

I have experimented with all kinds of thoughts and emotions while in meditation, and the most dramatic results have come while in a bakhti, or devotional, state. Emotionally loving and praising and thanking creation has given me many of the seminal experiences of my life. These have come as mystical revelations, periods of bliss,( God bless Joseph Campbell for suggesting we “follow our bliss”), and at the very least helpful diversions from more limiting mundane experiences.


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