Mysticism: Sweet Talk


Orbs in front of the creosote varnished ceiling of the gazebo where much inspiration continues to arrive.  I don’t mean the ceiling. The gazebo sits atop the longitudinal Earth grid line of Edenlight. Thoreau spent 2 years, 2 months , and 2 days in his cabin upon Walden Pond. Though I have a perfectly good house 10 minutes away, much of my contemplative, as well as worldly time, over the past 25 years has been spent here. The twilight hours are just as magical as advertised.

So if I am a mystic, what does that mean? This is an ongoing learning.

Mysticism is only possible because Source energy remains and sustains in All things, whether plant, animal, mineral, human, alien, or anything you can (or can’t) think of.

Walking past a tree years ago with Mirra, she pointed to it and said,” You can talk with this tree if you choose.” I believed her, because I had a bit of experience already talking with plants, but not the confidence to do so on demand.

By removing that prophylactic which is nothing more than a bloated sense of self being something separate from God, its quite wonderful what the universe has to offer.

My first profound dialogue with something not human (Many of which talks are not profound at all) was with a sugar cane plant. Appropriately it came in a sweet female voice. Some years earlier I had been given a 5 gal. plant which I had put into a 15 gal. black nursery container, but had never found particularly vigorous or tasty. A Savadoreno friend said I must plant it in the ground, in the sun, in good soil, with plenty of water. Of course I should have already thought of that.

So I cut the plant in half, putting half in a special bed of all the best ingredients of soil, compost, worm castings, and  fossil sea kelp, with a circle of basalt fieldstones around it.The other half I split and planted in 2 more 15 gal. pots.

Finished with my work, I stood back and rhetorically asked:”How do you like that?”To my sublime shock, I was answered “vocally” in my head: “I like it very much. Thank you”. Not wanting this new experience to end, I then asked:”Is there anything else I can do for you?” “Yes, please put my babies over there behind me.”    “Over there” is where I had placed the two 1/4 sized plants.  “Behind me” was a bamboo collection. Sugar cane and bamboo are grasses. It seemed like a good place ( also because there was room there).

“I will be happy to. Is the bamboo happy?” (Kind of grabbing at straws now.)

“The bamboo is very happy.”

“You can speak for the bamboo too?”

“Yes, dear, I can speak for the bamboo too.”

And there it ended, but not before fully capturing my attention.

Perhaps needless to say, The cane flourished, producing sweet juicy stalks.





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