This is ectoplasm. Jewel immediately saw it as an angelic harpist. Who am I to argue? The angel is on the left.

Singing? Absolutely. We have each been given an amazing musical instrument: our voice.

Sitting on a park bench in the garden one day, next to my friend Jewel Shield,  who was playing a small folk harp, I began singing the words of a poem on a small sign in front of us. She looked over and said: “Do that again.”

Once you start, new worlds are opened. Every sound has a color, and every color a sound. Sound is beautiful alchemy. In a bakhti state I have sung myself several times to the 14th dimension, and once to the 17th. Both are completely blissful paradigms; the 17th had more creative energies permeating it.

This awareness led me to construct a small stage under a huge Monterey Pine named Joy, with an amphitheater of large logs for seats. We have had half a dozen sound events here with harp, voice, zither, flutes, crystal, and Tibetan brass bowls or bells. People have reported a sense of floating above their seats.

My most unique bakhti singing experience was deep in the woods. After perhaps 5 or 10 minutes of intense devotional emotive sound, I found  myself surrounded by translucent floating bubbles of light.These were not the same as the orbs I find in my photographs, but delightful. It was dusk, when the veil between dimensions is thin, and when the bubbles of light faded, on the forest floor before me began to appear patches of soft white “fairy light’ kind of like luminous lily pads.

On one night hike (not singing), I turned off my head lamp and was guided down the dark twisting trail with neatly placed patches of similar light. I haven’t yet developed the confidence to do this on a regular basis.


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