Five forms of Quartz.  Left to right: Polychrome Jasper, 2 Brazilian channeling Crystals, Lime green Opal, sun-faded Amethyst with Hematite (Iron) inclusions, and a piece of local light green Chert.Even the background Basalt is full of silicates.

Silicon dioxide, better known as Quartz, is the backbone of the Age which allows me to create this blog. I am typing this post in the town of Menlo Park, in a part of the world generally known as The Silicon Valley.

I have learned a lot about quartz, and its many forms of expression. I do have one nice crystal ball from Brazil. I have seen dolphins swimming in it. What many may not know, is that jasper, agate, carnelian, opal, granite, rose quartz, and much of the sand on the planet are SiO2. Opal is composed of tiny spherical helixes of SiO2 with H2O trapped between them. This combination creates all the rainbow colors and “fire’ of opal. This makes opal a “mineraloid”.

Better yet, quartz is conscious, intelligent, generally loving, and in many cases can be programmed. This is common ground for both physicists and meta physicists.

Quartz lives everywhere. On hikes with my brother in the Organ Mountains of southern New Mexico, I have collected bags full of tiny quartz crystals  brought to the surface by ants in nice donut shaped mounds with a tiny mine shaft in the middle. These crystals have already been programmed with a powerful community energy – something we could use more of to help us embrace our diversity.


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