The Minerals


Fluorite octahedrons sitting on Amethyst


Clockwise from bottom left:Green Calcite, Serafinite, Lapis Lazuli, and Azurite. Peeking from the back are 2 colors of blue Andara. All are set atop a column of Chinese Granite, this one mostly Quartz and Orthoclase.

As a child I collected everything. I had troves of pinecones, fossils, sea shells, feathers, rocks, bones, and an herbarium with thousands of mounted dried plant specimens.

All I knew about rocks was that I liked them. Geology and chemistry hadn’t taken hold yet.As important to appreciating minerals as that is, there was one more quality that kicked in: Mysticism.

Every rock, in fact every living thing on this planet has a unique vibration. shamans, crystal healers, and lots of regular folks are able to feel these distinctions. Discovering this  rich aspect of the world around me, I felt a bit like a blind dog in a meat house. I sought out and collected and used Earth magic from all over the World, often guided by little more than my internal rainbow.


The heavily bejeweled cap of a SELENITE crystal, with gold filled wire. Classic healing wands are made from selenite. This only took a few months. I bought the selenite from the late Benny Fenn. It was laying out in his rock yard in Las Cruces,New Mexico. He looked at it and said $2.00. The long base of it he had sliced into  wands.


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