Vortices and Portals


Though I have no way of being absolutely positive, it is my sense that such apparitions as this appear more readily because of Edenlight’s collection of vortices. The veil between dimensions is thinning for everyone, but that process is accelerated here.

For whatever reason, just as when I felt my Peridot Chakra wink open, I have a similar sense or knowingness when I open a portal or a vortex. What is the difference?

This is a great question. Such magical windows on the etheric dimensions occur in sweet spots naturally all over the planet. People often flock to them. Edenlight already had a lovely yin, or female, vortex in place when I arrived. Native Americans had been doing  sacred ritual and prayer at the same spot as my fire pit for thousands of years. It is no coincidence that the area the garden is in is known as Indian Valley.

What is the difference between a vortex and a portal? Here I’m kind of flying solo.

Most vortexes, such as those in Sedona, Arizona, which I have visited half a dozen times, are either yin, or yang (male). Generally the yin places give a counterclockwise uplifting feeling. The yang energy is a clockwise ” screwing into the ground’ effect.The first time I superimposed these 2 energies, I opened a portal. In Sedona, actually.

I have done the same thing, as guided, at Edenlight. Though I wasn’t aware that I was doing so, I had somehow put all the divine feminine shrines at one half of the garden, and the masculine shrines at the other. This makes it rather clear to sensitives ( more people are than realize it), which end is which. Of course the various faces help as well. The result is if you stand in the center portal which sits atop intersecting earth grid lines, relax, and pay attention, you can feel these supporting energies .It is not unusual for healing to occur.



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