Mickey Magic’s Andara Spiral. The Pandas are onyx.Andaras are silicates. Onyx is silicon dioxide.

Like Findhorn in Scotland, and Perelandra in Virginia, Edenlight is the child of my own creative  processes in partnership with diverse nature Devas, and Divine Spirit. Devas are the conscious energetic templates or blueprints behind Everything that can manifest in our dimension. No two beings or places,  or anything at all are truly identical. This I believe to be one of the finest aspects of  Creative Truth: of Creation.Yes, Devas can speak, to those with the “ears” to hear. Suggested reading: Behaving As If The God In All Life Matters,  by Michaelle Small Wright who co-created Perelandra. My copy says “return to Bonnie Gray” inside the cover.

Edenlight is no exception, and assimilates the best of many potentialities in one focused portal. Thankfully, she is not alone.

Any sensitive being can feel a similar Earth magic when encountering “sweet spots” out and about on unspoiled or enhanced pieces of land – all of which interconnect through the universal law of attraction. This same law works perfectly with things like greed, resentment and self loathing….but we are choosing here a higher energetic paradigm.

The Native Americans didn’t need to have these sweet spots pointed out or explained. When we are in synch with nature, rather than its systematic destruction, no one needs to be told.

Operating Edenlight first as a retail nursery, it was almost immediately, over 20 years ago that customers would report back that the magic of the garden (who’s name I didn’t know yet)had gone home with them. Those reports have never stopped. The best are from those I haven’t seen in years, who share that whatever plants they had adopted are thriving; not just growing well, but life enhancing. I was often accused of screening my clients, something like at the animal shelter. No comment….

There are famous sweet spots all over the planet. Ancient civilizations had a knack for constructing their cities, holy sites, pyramids, and highways honoring both the Earth energetic grid as well as those parts of the Heavens from which our divinity has visited us.

To separate our Earthly and Heavenly origins would be like separating inhaling from exhaling. They are never far apart. Breathing is something very few remember to do to properly, for air contains Prana – that invisible life force our Father Sun is most generous with.

ANDARAS:  My friend Laura Almada, a wonderful mandala artist among other things, has been my crystal and mineral mentor since I began creating shamanic art.Laura was invited to install her  Heart Mandala in a Buddhist temple in Korea and was recently invited back. She has brought her friend Mickey Magic, caretaker of the Andara Crystals, to Edenlight, and I have subsequently visited his enchanted spiral of 3 1/2 tons of Andaras in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Andaras, which have been found in every color , though very little yellow, are an earth glass similar to obsidian, but different in that they contain a variety of monoatomic elements such as gold, iron, cobalt, etc. These brilliantly colored chunks and slags of glassy silicate are the remnants of a Lemurian Temple destroyed by a meteor. They were found and recognized for their energetic value by the late Lady Nellie on Indian land in the California Sierras. She entrusted Mickey with their well being, and many smaller pieces have been sold. It is not uncommon for them to change shape or color.There are plenty of fakes. You might almost think that there are powerful agendas in place to delay our awakening. You would of course be thinking more clearly than many want to, but resenting or hating those who would limit us is entirely counterproductive to our ascension.  Jesus’ advice to love our enemies was brilliant though often bitter wisdom.

The Andara “medicine” magic is powerful enough that the “Men in Black”,  sunglasses and all, came with a giant black Chinook type helicopter and stole a large black Andara about the size of a VW bus. Oh,well,Mickey probably couldn’t have handled that one anyway, but They should put it back where it belongs.  I guess we can’t put all the oil back either.

Andaras are facilitators, and work wonderfully with other minerals of the same color (or not) to enhance all forms of healing and manifestation.

Edenlight has andaras in every shrine, altar, and piece of art. One sandstone boulder has 30 different colors inlaid in an arc across the top.

Please check out Lia Scallon’s  (Australia) site:    

Lia’s visit to Edenlight was a wonderful ceremonial opening of some of Edenlight’s major chakras.



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