EDENLIGHT’S DREAM of Continuance

Edenlight’s dream is that the work we’ve started here has only just begun (albeit that beginning was  a quantum shift in preparing for a mass awakening. Which has evidently not occurred yet according to what’s on TV.)

And now she is ready to receive those of any and all persuasions if they come on a mission of unity consciousness. She also believes it is essential in establishing a “viral’ effect of the love already grounding here.

Love, and the emotional range it might embrace, is the only conduit, connection, or synapse between all that is, which is a pretty poor description of the core essence of all that is.

One evening when the rose quartz heart on the shed roof was quite new,  with only a rustic redwood chair in alignment on the ground, no onyx columns yet, I was treated for some long minutes to curtains of rainbow light coming to Earth. At the peak of my awe, that informative voice in my head announced, “This is happening 24/7.” Just like that; perfectly tailored to my level of understanding. As I type this, I am told this is happening on a scale beyond my perception. Globally.

The more immediate point of this is that Edenlight Herself is a magical, for lack of a better word, grounding rod of the star codes streaming in to assist in our imminent evolution. The intersecting grid, or Ley, lines here bode well for global distribution of this cosmic “magic”, which has been grounding now for some years.

The element copper ( like all elements), is a dear,  conscious, and devoted friend to human kind. Think about where copper exists. Think copper wire. It is everywhere there are people, except for the most primitive, who already are connected to Earth life force. They, in their rapidly displaced numbers, have never lost it.

Edenlight is not a tourist attraction. There are no concessions. She is a 25 year old, in her current form, RAINBOW BEING lighting the world from within from the holy light from without. It’s that bright. Several years ago I man I had never met made a point of coming to the garden to inform me that one night while driving past he saw a bright vertical column of light connecting the center of the garden with the heavens. He seemed a little embarrassed because his report was somewhat in conflict with the reality he was accustomed to.

Edenlight opens her arms (wings ?) to any who would simply come to celebrate this. She knows they all bring their own unique special magic which must be added to Our sacred soup before it becomes the popular dish that it must.

As of this writing in early March 2017, human events being what they are, there is no guarantee in the third dimensional world that the 25 year old garden will still exist in 2 or 3 months. The owner’s need to sell is his priority now, though he was extremely supportive for 25 years. Spirit continually offers reassurance.

It would be negligent not to say Edenlight’s dream is also my own. The very threat of losing her has been the most amazing, though unwanted, learning crucible of this personal journey. It probably wasn’t such a  good idea to be reading Steven Pressfield’s account of the 300 Spartans who knew what was going to happen at Thermopylae,  at this time. I’ve learned things about my solar chakra ( where we viscerally experience that strongest opposite of love: fear), that I would have been happy to postpone forever. This was clearly not the divine plan for me.

Thank you for getting this far.img_0665




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