A Lingham. This was gift from Evie Almada, and the dark stain appears to be a fetus  with a fetus inside.


A piece of Moldavite set in Sandstone.

While the Andaras didn’t come from the sky, the energetic event which created their current nature helped. It is distinctly likely that the large black  ( and green Andaras that resemble Dragon’s eggs) did come from space, while the brilliant rainbow colored pieces were from the temple. It is doubtful that any of this was a mystery to the  ancient Andarans who thoughtfully left this legacy.

Linghams from India combine space and Earth minerals.

Moldavite is entirely from space. Spread out over a 30 mile swath in Moldavia, these green tektites, bubbled, pitted bits of space glass, are attributed with a number of healing properties, as well as an enhanced rapport with those extra terrestrial intelligences that are rooting for us. Moldavite is installed all over the garden as well.


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