IMG_1562.JPGWe’ve all heard this tired old saying about the meek inheriting the earth, (not the above garden sign), and rarely understood it. Meek  does mean humble, but does not imply weakness.  What it means is “teachable”; the ability to open one’s mind and heart to something new. OK, there is nothing new. But we have forgotten that. The nonjudgmental nature of all Source has never changed. We forgot that, for purposes of our racial matriculation in the School of Hard Knocks. We did that already. It’s close to our graduation time now. People all over the place are awakening to our core  divinity.

The arrogant shall inherit each other.


Pieris japonica “Temple Bells” tucked in behind a Hindu-Buddha shrine. Pieris is in the Ericacaea family, which includes Blueberries, Rhododendrons, Madrone, Manzanita, and Heather (Erica).


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