Carnivorous Plants


Drosera,  Sundew;  the sticky hairs close upon small insects and digest them.

I can’t help writing about these clever botanical guests in the garden. I tried growing them in high school back in Ohio, but wasn’t a very good caretaker. At that time I was more into “having’ than being responsibly supportive.

North America hosts more Genus’ and species of meat assimilating plants than anywhere on Earth. North Carolina has more than any other state, including Pitcher plants, Venus flytraps, Bladderworts, Sundews, and Trumpet plants.

The most common mistake is to give them tap water. Minerals kill them. So I bought a reverse osmosis filter and now have thriving tub bogs of glistening carnivores. Most of the collection are natural specie or hybrid Sarracenia; The Pitcher Plant.There are members of every specie, and their collective of tubular throats are the last stop in the garden for countless yellow jackets and flies. The Venus flytraps are more entertaining to watch as their jaws snap closed around any little thing that moves, but they can’t handle much volume.


hybrid Sarracenia minor


Hybrid Sarracenia flava ( The Trumpet Plant). The occasional opportunistic spider spins its web just inside the throat of a trumpet, offering visitors an alternative ending.







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