Edenlight loves having diversity visit her garden, for it is what she is made of. The first hand- written sign I put up many years ago still reads: All Beings Are Welcome. A good friend warned that might open a can of worms. Well, I like worms too., and the sign and concept remain. The same friend also advised me of the perils of exclusivity. We both have ample Gemini.

My awakening guides were initially mostly of the divine Feminine, though Jesus, Buddha, and Gabriel have been my primary guides for some time now. Each brings a different perspective to the wealth of possibility within Creation.

Connect to the Divine Feminine, Amma, Devi, The Holy Mother, Kwan Yin, on any level and you are ahead of the game. The more compassionate your heart – the closer She comes. Coming home. It is you that is coming home, then.


Though technically imperfect;  It’s a quick freehand sketch, this logo which has been evolving for years incorporates elements which address the transformative union of frequencies: Color,Triangles (the building blocks of creation),Infinity,The Great Central Sun,and The Heart, the Keyhole to all good possibilities. But then God would say: “It’s all good,” and we get to figure out that it’s true.


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