Healing the Land


Cymbidium Orchid with mossy green  in the background.You can see a little snail damage on the curved stem.

Five years ago I stopped using Roundup to control weeds at Edenlight. Laziness was my previous justification. Years ago I possessed a pesticide license which required annual ongoing education. At one such seminar a representative from Monsanto stood up in front of the class and told us that Roundup is so safe, you could drink it. I knew someone with Hepatitis C, who’s liver was so damaged if he was even near Roundup he would end up in the hospital with internal bleeding. I’m not making any of this up.

Monsanto has genetically modified major world food crops so that they can saturate them with their poison, and control seed supply at the same time. This has been the end of many small farmers world wide. Roundup, like plastic , doesn’t go away. It just sinks into the land. And ground water.And women’s reproductive systems….


Dutch Hyacinth. I don’t think it was named after the Hyacinth Macaw. Unsprayed weed grass in the background , front left and right.


Gratuitous photo of a Camellia japonica x reticulata. I had to hold up the heavy nodding blossom to photograph it.

At Edenlight the healing has manifest as small patches of green moss, which have now spread into large carpets of soft velvety green.  Some weeds appear, but I knock them down occasionally with a weed eater. Moss is often the first plant to populate land where weeds have been systematically poisoned.

The land here no longer cries, so it IS possible to change and grow by choice.


Coast Live Oak leaves on Edenlight’s  carpet.




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