The Divine Feminine


My inspiration for the Goddess Isis. The one who deserves to use this name. I stared at the Jasper river boulder until she appeared. Of course I had to use diamond bits. she is wearing 3 pieces of Chrysocolla with Cuprite ( from the late Benny Fenn), a cut Citrine, 2 pc.of Lapis Lazuli, Brazilian Flower Amethyst (from Seann Xenja), and Monterey Pinecones from Joy, the tree overhead.


Orbs around The Mother Mary shrine, where wonderful things also happen in broad daylight.

Most of the earliest awakening voices in my head were female:  Loving, healing, supportive, feminine energy.

This essential power has been long suppressed by male agendas which long ago over reacted to feminine abuse of their  dominance.

The tide is now returning to a reasonable balance of the yin (female), and yang (male), though obviously not perfect yet.

The Divine Mother essence is best know through the presence of Devi (Hindu),Kwan Yin (Buddhist), Mother Mary (Christian), and they are arguably all iterations or manifestations of the the same  State of Being, or Consciousness.  Those are but a supreme few of their kind.

When I asked Spirit years ago where were the male Devas, the answer was: You are, but of course you are human as well. It is why you are here. That being said, I don’t believe I have dodged any of the learning experiences I came for, but have also grown accustomed to communicating with extensively diverse forms of consciousness; all of it loving.

My gratitude for the gifts of Compassion and Patience which have come from All Divine is one reason those gifts have continued to develop. If I need comfort, The Mother is there, but then so is the Father.


A rose in February and the other neglected half of The Lord’s Prayer.

Perhaps 10 years ago, I was feeling particularly affectionate and thankful for  the gifts of revelation and comfort which had clearly come from The Mother in various forms. So I decided to deliver, and rehearsed,  a lovely meditative prayer of gratitude to Her. I got all situated and comfortable in the gazebo, and began my prepared very personal Thank you. barely had I begun, when my thoughts were succinctly overridden by The Mother saying: “There is no place that I am that The Father is not.” She didn’t need to go further, and didn’t.

Happily chastened, the meditation was abbreviated, and I never tried to repeat that one. Not in the same way.

Though I frequently address my gratitude to one aspect of the Divine, or Tao, my default acknowledgement is to All Divine, though it may come out as “Heavenly Father”.


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