The Garden Right Now: HELP!


For 25 years I have rented this space from a friend, who was never disposed to sell it. Although he has been wonderfully supportive of my use of his land, he now for personal reasons needs to sell it. I have been given a very short deadline to either come up with the money or completely vacate. I have a good part of the money, but not enough. I never was adequately focused on making money. This is currently giving me the greatest challenge of this lifetime, for it has activated old emotional bodies which feel as though they are marching to their execution. That sounds exactly as dramatic as it feels.

While Edenlight tells me she has already achieved much of her heaven grounding purpose, and would follow me anywhere, neither she nor I are happy about not being able to continue our work here. As exquisite as she now is, there is so much more that can be done. I pray. I pray. I pray. Thank you for sharing this site if you are so inspired.

If I didn’t believe in MIRACLES, I wouldn’t be me.


Gandalf, the smallest of 4 roosters at Edenlight is a Sebright; not much larger than a pigeon. He enjoys being cuddled.


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