The Star of David

You probably think this is a Jewish thing. Which it is. There is good reason why they borrowed this sacred geometry. It is of universal significance, as the very nature of the triangle is critical to grounding sacred realities.

It is the overlapping of 2 triangles; one representing Heaven (pointing down), and the other Earth (pointing up). This construction is also called a MERKABA.

Merkabas energetically incorporate those frequencies which allows us to travel between dimensions. Ultimately they can constitute a personal traveling pod.

Perhaps the foremost authority on this phenomenon, (as we currently think of it) is Drunvalo Melchizedek, who lives in Sedona, the Land of Vortices. If this interests you, he is easy to look up, either by name,  or often: under merkaba.


Inlaid on Arizona Alabaster, of gold filled wire. The center is serpentine and Charoite (purple from Russia) and tiny Blue Agate beads. The 6 outer drops are Crysoprase. The background is Chinese Sandstone.



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