Spiritual Diversity

It would be hard to think of a religion from which I have neither friend nor acquaintance. I also know many spiritually focused people who follow no religion. In virtually every case the connection is nothing more than mutual respect. If it takes a religion to reconnect to our Source, so be it. Follow your path. Better yet, follow your bliss. Don’t follow anything that condemns anyone, or might limit them in any way. In doing so you can Only  limit yourself.

What I am attempting to convey is religion is the last place we should demonstrate prejudice. I just thought about what I wrote and could not come up with a first place…Of course there are certain sects and cults which take themselves very seriously, and aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and no doubt a few that are downright abusive and serve bad Koolaid. But that’s part of our old school learning curve. Creation loves every last one of us, mostly more than we do ourselves.

Where I talk about our various physical and subtle bodies, I mentioned  the spiritual body. As a self styled spiritual being ( I put a lot of attention on it) , it may be the body I understand the least. What comes to me is that it is an integral aspect of our totality which links our mental and emotional bodies with our etheric, or heavenly bodies.

Everything in Creation is a subtle (or not) interrelationship of many factors, all energetic: infinite manifestation of possibilities. It takes Everything to build the “Village”.

Each religion offers a different angle on the same truth. Without all the angles we have an incomplete collective experience. We might not even get a merkaba…at least not yet. In the final analysis we are infinite aspects of the One Being. Is one side of the coin really better than the other side? Can you actually imagine a one sided coin? Sadly it is the two major world religions with their common roots in Ur that seem to do the most destructive judging. Let’s please not blame Abraham for setting many of us upon our long journey home.Please tell me the difference between the Inquisition and Jihad. Actually, don’t bother. Making such a comparison is only vanity.

If you think you belong to the only true religion, please get real and maybe don’t think so much. By all means love more. Even Jesus didn’t come to start a religion; only to teach the universal truth of Divine Love.


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