Inventing our Own Prayers and Mantras


If you wonder where the color periwinkle came from…This Vinca major. It can be quite invasive, and then  you forgive it while it’s blooming. It sort of looks like the answer to a prayer.

Having a stressful day yesterday, I turned to the only direction that I knew could help me. On my way to work from a house we are having a family get together in in Mill Valley (with a spectacular view) up the 101 to the garden in Indian Valley I assembled the following sentence:



Though not counting, and believing this statement to be absolutely true, I may have repeated it in my head, as well as out loud, many dozens of times during the commute, and periodically during the day.

I had a great day.  Internally, as well as externally.

Although all prayers are heard, our belief that what we ask is being given is absolutely essential. Memorized prayer by rote is OK, but if our mind and emotions are not on the same page, chances are we don’t “know” it is being given – that it IS being given, and therefore fail to receive the promised blessing.

Here is our most common scenario:  WE  ASK.  IT IS GIVEN.  WE FAIL TO RECEIVE.  The Creator is never asleep on the job, but for our part we actually are.

All of life – every second – because of the divinity within us – is a CO-CREATION.

Co-creation works flawlessly when we are fully engaged at our end of the formula.


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