Some Common Challenges to Awakening



Ectoplasm with and without smoke. Sometimes it is difficult to believe what we can see. More challenging is to recognize the profound truths “hidden’ within all things.The only thing creating the “hidden’ effect is a misguided sense of self.

Some of the challenges:

EGO:  We can blame ego all day long, but we need our ego at least as a primitive defense mechanism so we don’t step in front of buses. The only problem with ego is when we allow it to control our mental and emotional bodies, which in turn places a barrier between our etheric and physical selves. The divinity which created and always remains within our higher selves, or soul bodies, is then left to observe and await a window of opening within the earthly body: a dilating of the heart consciousness.

MEDIA: Those glued to mass media are attending the brainwashing school of the military-industrial complex that Dwight Eisenhower warned us about. The EMF’s from screens and monitors inhibit one’s ability to be “psychic”. Some are enrolled nearly full time. Since all reality is belief based, getting sucked into the drama is not going to help anyone at all, even under the guise of ” staying informed.”These students are all ratings statistics. The stage direction out there, while compelling, also removes our natural capacity for hope, and our personal ability to divinely manifest. Maybe this is what the divine circus is all about.

SOME RELIGIOUS DOCTRINES: the most damaging of these is the notion that God is some form of harsh judge. Judgement would be one of the very last things coming from God, as it is diametrically opposed to divine purpose. God is love , allowance, and everything that makes everything possible. Nothing is destroyed. The Law of Attraction, which I’m sure is  a perfect part in the Divine Plan in no way discriminates. Mess up your life in any selfish way, and you get to return again and again to repeat essentially the same lesson until you get it. While the freedom within the concurrent frequencies of Heaven are a fact, hell is a creative invention of the old church. Hell does, however, exist more solidly here on Earth more than anywhere else for those who are truly suffering. According the Archangel  Gabriel,  Adolph Hitler promised to be good, and came back as a holy man: Osama bin Laden. I learned this in Neale Donald Walsch’s 1995 Conversations With God.  Burning in hell forever is wonderful disinformation. Fortunately there are many individual churches which strive to teach and practice only the truth of divine love and compassion.

OUR SOCIALIZATION: The best meaning family and friends can easily influence , or worse, discourage our discovering the power of an open heart. BE VERY CAREFUL WHO YOU SHARE YOUR DEEPEST DREAMS WITH. In this world it may take great bravery to separate oneself from the non-supportive status quo, and do it graciously. All thoughts are somewhat contagious. according to Leonard Orr, the human race is addicted to sickness and death. Both make our stories so darned personal,, especially when we strongly identify with our inabilities. There truly exist reclusive yogis in the Himalayas who are hundreds of years old, and one of their strict  practices is to never come within 50 feet of a human believing in death, even though our personal energy field only projects out about 13 feet in all directions. Don’t try too hard to imagine the energy of a room full of bipolar people tied to chairs. The world is much like that emotionally.

We do have a powerful influence on one another; as good a reason as any why a mass awakening is entirely possible. It doesn’t matter if the 100th monkey research was entirely legitimate or not. The existence of the concept remains.


One of the hundreds of repurposed plant identification signs placed throughout the garden. Sometimes I rediscover just the right one at the right time, while pruning, weeding, or simply musing within Eden, which is a state of mind.


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