For years I listened to tapes of Karen Cook channeling The Archangel Gabriel. Karen lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and for years conducted workshops, during which she would vacate her body and allow Gabriel to communicate through her physical aspects. Her website is Benu Too. Benu is Gabriel’s Pleiadian name. Karen no longer does the workshops but I believe still does phone sessions with Gabriel. Her gift is nothing less than Divine. Or Tao.

Twice I attended workshops when Karen came to Sacramento. Prior to the last time I went I had been studying modern Taoism, and repeatedly came across prayers and mantras honoring sometime THE TAO, sometime THE DIVINE, or both. So my question for Gabriel that day as Karen circulated with her microphone, was: What is the difference between The Tao and the Divine?

Karen (Gabriel – who is androgynous – neither male nor female) put his/her hand on my shoulder, looked me in the eye, and said: “Verbage.” It would be hard to describe the sensation as this information also transferred into me through my shoulder.

On a tape I had listened to repeatedly, Gabriel stated that we do not have a Higher Self. I never quite got that until now. I already understood we had multiple “bodies”, but was somehow still separating them.

I now fully understand that none are separate. None is higher or lower, other than by point of view.  If the point of view is egoistic, a sense (or lack of sense) of disengagement from our etheric aspect is inevitable: we are disengaged from our indwelling God-self. Or better put: our God Oneness. Thank you.

I thank my friend Franchesca Angelesco for introducing me to Gabriel this way.



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