The Zero Point Inside


Nice rainbow ectoplasm, with too many tiny points of consciousness to count.There is source consciousness in Everything.

Incoming.     Outgoing.     We meet in the middle.       It is who we are.

The Sun shines down.       The Earth shines up.            We meet in the middle.    It is who we Are.

God above.   God below.    God within.                             It is who we Are.

All else    Are fragments    of Illusion.

Inviting and Allowing Spirit to walk within us              Is our oldest skill,    mostly forgotten    Through disuse                   And obstructive agendas:    All our own creation.

When we do this                 Everything changes              And miracles are commonplace                                          And we realize                     They weren’t miracles at all.

We are Miracles.                 Remembering this is good. What we resist         Can only resist us.

There is no other Law       At this Time.



These two photos were taken seconds apart at dusk. The first was taken without flash – the second,  with. The moon is lower right. Ah, the things the 3D eye doesn’t see. There is no smoke .I see at least a dozen tiny orbs..

Love of Spirit is always rewarded.     Living with Spirit requires no reward.

It IS the reward.

Trust that it always dwells within,    awaiting our notice.

Jesus pointed that out rather poignantly.

It is what he still wants us to know.

It is the gift which replaces All the old laws of limitation.



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