What Am I ?

Sometimes when attempting to convey my spiritual proclivities, I am asked what religion I am.  I generally don’t mix the two up. My father believed in a God, and in prayer. my mother professed to be an atheist, yet played an important role in my spiritual education. Years ago at the end of my third and last channeling session with Mirra Rose, she asked me if I was “good” with my mother , who had passed in 1985. I said I thought so, why? Well, it was your mother who sent me.

We attended a Methodist Church,then Evangelical United Brethren,which later became the United Methodists. As an adult I attended Bible classes with the Associate Pastor of our Presbyterian Church, then taught The Old Testament to adults for 2 years. I also taught junior high Sunday School, and found that the most rewarding.

Then Edenlight took over my religious education, though I have continued to have a wonderful association with the church where my membership is inactive.

What ensued was exposure and understanding of Nature, Shamanism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Mormonism (LDS), Animism, and Catholicism. All rolled together.

Why not? It is all One thing anyhow, and it is a phenomenally branched  tree of spiritual perspectives.  That doesn’t even include the e. t.’s which are a greater part of the formula than they get proper credit for. In my first channel session, when I asked if I’d had e.t. contact as a child, and why, Spirit rather curtly responded: “Yes, and to help.” They have been every bit as present and  important as any other aspect of my learning. To the Ascended Masters, such as Jesus and Buddha,  they are not aliens at all but part of us. The fact that our government lies to us about their technological involvement with e.t.’s makes them no less present. 80% of the abundant populated planets in our galaxy alone are humanoid. We don’t even notice them among us. Or their extremely common spacecraft cloaked in lenticular clouds of their own vapor. I watch these all the time, and have observed mile long triple decker Botany ships from Arcturus over our town. We wouldn’t have gotten this far without their help. They would like to do more but don’t yet have the go ahead. The problem is both political, and extremely psychological. They would love to show us how to harvest free energy, but that just isn’t convenient for the Powers that be here on Earth. The kind of power our own oppressors hold over us is very hard to relinquish. And then there is fear; the opposite of love, making us extremely manageable.

So what am I ?  I,like you, am pure spirit, like all life, and  currently having a Human experience. We are all from e. t., anthropoid, and divine Sourcing.

I credit all religions with the Masters and Elementals who brought them to us. Not the doctrines, dogmas, and man-made rules.

When Gandhi was approached by a group of Western Christians who wanted an audience, his response was:” By all means bring your Jesus, but please leave your Christianity at home.”

Over 300 years of Catholic Inquisition, as well as the systematic destruction of numerous native cultures, and 1500 years of sporadic Jihad, gives neither of those religions any form of bragging rights. I will end that thought by acknowledging the beauty that both of these churches possess among the truly God and Man loving devout.

So what am I?  I  am someone who understands we are  all part of one another.



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