A Slightly (or Greatly) Amended Prayer

Once again, in the predawn hours, with a faint salmon glow infusing the Bay and hills to the south and east, this prayer dominated my thoughts. With a few changes:

Heavenly Mother and Father of All That Is, and who dwell within me; Your power, passion, purpose, and compassion infinitely exceed any worldly concerns I might allow to worry me, and are able to transmute them instantaneously into miraculous manifestation.

Others have demonstrated this. I am no different. Thank you for this truth. Amen


In sharing the roots of this prayer, true friends have offered bits of its evolution. It is our greatest purpose on the planet at this time. Not only are we not alone in this mission: it is the long prophesied focus of all the divine surrounding and within each one of us.

If you do not believe it is WE who invite the New Earth, please think again. Or maybe stop thinking.

The spectacular vista of salmon, coral, and swirling and burning away of fog before seemingly infinite vistas of receding hills, which I was blessed to observe as I typed this post, IMG_1625.JPG but pales before that Dawn Rising Within Us Now.



I honestly did not notice the turquoise orb just below the sun when I posted this photo, but it makes me happy. If that nasty chemtrail weren’t there I would be even happier. But this too shall pass.


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