MIRACLES: Wait 3 Days…

As some of you know, I am facing an interesting challenge at Edenlight. The owner needs to sell the 1.11 acres I have rented and developed for 25 years. Developed how? A lot of rock, botany, gems, vortices, time, money and love. With the understanding The land would come to me when the time was right. The time is now.

Since December the price has gone up 3 times, and all gestures of time, price and consideration are off the table .Last Friday I was served a 90 day quit tenancy order.The For Sale sign went up today. That wasn’t supposed to happen until May 12.

I had all of the money, then most of the money, and now I am $179K short of the asking price. The listing agent says everything he heard about the garden is true; he can feel the magic. He simply has stronger feelings for his commission, and has set the price himself.

It is volatile market, and anything could happen. Most people even in the neighborhood consider the price interestingly high. But there are lots of people with more money than me. Spirit on the other hand keeps telling me not to worry. It’s kind of like being told not to think of Blue Monkeys.

While everyone is dreaming, I would love to own the adjoining lot which I have had an easement on and have used with the owner’s blessing for 25 years as well. It was listed a month ago, with a “gun” to my head to clear my stuff off, which is nearing completion. add its 1.15 acres to Edenlight’s 1.11 and it adds up to 2.26 acres; a numerological 1, or Totality.

In dealing with the seller, I was told to stop whining , get a realtor, and make an offer. I am doing that. With the offer I must submit proof of availability of funds. As I was about to do this, I heard clearly in my head; WAIT 3 DAYS. This repeated 3 times. For some reason this marked an energy shift within me. Three months of survival mode in the Emotional Body gave way to a sense of Peace.

Then, the three days passed, and Sunday came: The day of the Miracle. It was a full moon and The Day of Buddha’s Great Miracles, when blessings might be enhanced a billion fold.

The only problem, which is evidently not meant to concern me is, that Monday is nearly over, and I don’t really know what the miracle is. But I keep hearing that it has occurred.

Sunday was a wonderful day in the garden. I had spent several days primping Edenlight after the ravages of a long wet winter and she looks spectacular, with spring’s emergence of leaf and bloom in full panoply. A string of friends and first time visitors came to bestow their respects.

I had been playing my friend Karma Moffett’s CD; Golden Bowls of Compassion,  for the weekend. Etheric bowl and bell music of Tibetan brass, recorded at what is now The Land of the Medicine Buddha in Santa Cruz, not far from Mickey Magic’s Andara Spiral.

Better yet, Karma himself showed up a little before dark and played from his bag of favorite bells, and a fine acoustic guitar, by the bonfire, until almost 9:00. What sweet buzzing in my skull. What sacred tuning for The New Earth. This impromptu concert was performed not far from my only little buddha statue, upon the longer Ley Line bisecting the garden.

Every day, every moment is a miracle. There was a shift last Wednesday, when Karma, myself, and a lady friend, also named Mickey, experienced a paradigm shift from fear to peacefulness. All on the same day. March 20 will be an even more powerful one to focus your intentions of ascension on.

I can’t begin to imagine the miracles today that I don’t even know about (duh). I CAN imagine, however, that they are infinite.


Karma showed up in his red ’64 Volvo station wagon with a newly rebuilt engine. When I first met him in Point Reyes over a month ago he was driving a red Volvo loaner wagon. A tuned in Buddhist, Karma reminded me that Buddhism is not a religion, but an owner’s manual for the body, mind, and soul. Many thanks.


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