More ART


“The House of Man” A young sandstone boulder inlaid with 30 colors of Andaras. The cross is made of “ventifactos”, wind polished basalt from Brazil. On top are the 12 tribes reuniting as One, made of weather fractured basalt from the Organ Mountains of New Mexico. They made the sound of melodic porcelain when walking on the slopes covered with them.


Hindu-Buddha Shrine. Pillow Basalt with turquoise, malachite, Andaras, gypsum desert roses, lapis and a metal plated Bodhi leaf at the center.


Mary’s Rose Garden. No roses blooming yet. Mary is white Onyx, with Rose Quartz at the base and a block of pink aventurine Quartzite at bottom right. Rhodonite beads , and  a plastic rosary we found in some bushes at a job site. In her undecorated simplicity she is many peoples’ favorite spot.I have had very sensory Chakra cleansing in front of Her. Two different women on the same day, about 5 minutes apart, believed they were in the physical presence of Mary Herself. And then realized it is a Rock…


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