Something More Nourishing Than Bread Crumbs


Hybrid Magnolia “Vulcan” from New Zealand. It borrows its deep color from Magnolia liliflora, the darkest purple of wild Magnolias, and is the first of the 20 some varieties to bloom each winter here.


Turkey Feather Fungus. It’s edible, but I haven’t tried it.

I labored long and hard on the title of this post, but hopefully you will forgive me, because it’s kind of short. I don’t mean the title.

Over the past several years, two different women, one Caucasian, and the other African American, after immersing themselves in Edenlight’s etheric window of infinite promise tearfully shared that they would never again have the same fears as before. This made me feel tremendously good.

The duo term, “etheric window” popped open unexpectedly and let in a recuperative breeze. We’re always standing in it; we might as well enjoy it. Besides, the veil is thinning for everyone. Phenomenal  change is afoot.

There are seldom crowds at Edenlight, and they tend to just disappear into the woodsy mandala, but a whole crowd, a whole race, is capable of awakening all at once, if they cared to.

We love to imitate one another. Why not copy those who already understand our unity and graced existence, leaving no waves?  What is it we wish to be noticed for?

Don’t try leaving a trail of bread crumbs here; the bounteous birds will devour your way back, if back is where you care to go.


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