The Peace Sign

I have a friend who knew the man who created the Peace Sign we are all familiar with. I’m sorry I don”t know his name, but what I DO know is that at the end of his life he sorely regretted designing it UPSIDE DOWN.

Think about it. The sign we know has arms hanging down, as if in grief.  Arms up express joy!

My attempt to honor his wish you see here in white Chinese onyx, in the center of a 7 pointed star. The bas relief includes 7 triangles of Galaxyite, a rare mineral made up of micro crystals of Labradorite. This came from the collection of Melodie, who wrote the mineral magic encyclopedia: Love Is In The Earth. Each triangle is bordered by 18k Gold filled wire.

This sign appears on the back of The God the Mother/Father Stone in the Love Grounding Engine Portal.

I’m good with Peace being Joyful. Joy has been missing from the planet for a long time.

White onyx is excellent for aligning all the Chakras. Edenlight has 11 onyx columns about the garden.IMG_1663.JPG


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