Selfless beings  are always among us to show The Way.

One does not achieve humility rationally,  and certainly not emotionally,   so how…?

Does one embrace the way paver of all challenges?

One foot.   In front of the other.   Do not let the foot.   Enter the mouth.

Do not use the mouth.   For speaking.   Except for the procurement of basic needs.

Be sure self love is intact,    That all might be loved,   In turn.

Work at it, if you can.   Figure out what it feels like.

Learn where to draw the line.   Between personal and communal,

Between reaching and teaching,   And benign observation.

Pray for help,   Know that it must be achieved,

Before the already present Promised Land,   Can be clearly seen,

From the Sea of yet blind Eyes.

And I can see myself in that ocean,   Swimming for all I’m worth,

Against the Tide:

The self part reminding me.   Of its own perilous nature,

While often forgetting to breathe.




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