Older Journal Notes (and Art)


Base of the Alabaster Holy Family. Mary’s dress is Aquamarine inlaid with Ruby, and lines of Peridot, Goulamite, Green Aventurine, Swarovski Glass, and Gold wire. Her cuffs are Emerald inlaid with brown Diamonds. Ruby eyes. Purple Charoite “shadows” and  Sleeping Beauty Turquoise highlights on the lamb, with Rose Quartz leaf. Goose: Agate beak, Quartz leaf, Carnelian heart, Jet shadow, and Ant mined Quartz crystals below the heart. The whole piece has about 80 different materials.

10/23/2015:    Any attachment which you are not able to freely liberate is something less than love.

3/15/2017:     When I wrote that I had no idea I would be facing the loss of Edenlight at this time, but I cannot change the words, and certainly not their truth. Sometimes one  must be willing to lose to truly gain. I’m not doing very well with this right now, with a For Sale sign out front. Not separating love from attachment is the root of many “romantic ” conflicts.  If there is such a thing as love based attachment, I think I could live with that.

At the moment it is more of a fear based experience.


A bejeweled Holy Family in Alabaster. A gift for my wife this past Christmas. It is hard to spend 2 1/2 months working with the energies of these Blessed Beings while expressing them in magical minerals without feeling a shift in your reality processing. Jesus is holding a quartz cabochon. The title of this 15 inch tall piece is:  “Jesus Notices the Entire  Universe at a Very Young  Age.”



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