Some rather lovely ectoplasm in the night sky of the gazebo. I have at least 30,000 photos of such other-dimensional light manifestation, many full of angels, dolphins, and countless faces of diverse forms of consciousness not bound by a body, but incredibly supportive of humanity’s efforts to rise. Ganesh has appeared 4 times in the past month. (I’m saving those photos for my gestating book: Edenlight: The Art and the Apparitions.)


Sometimes holding the camera still doesn’t work as well.

An Aztec mystic noted that death is the awakening from the dream of life.

For many who have bought the organized lies about death, this is true, as all reality is belief based. It fits the old paradigm. It IS the old paradigm.

I say:  Make this Dream of Life a Waking Dream: Awakening can’t happen after death.

Awaken  in life,  and the afterlife is thus altered; enhanced. Make that choice while in body, and all future choices shall be your own rather than the treadmill of no choice karma, which most beings here in this heavy dimension are unwittingly subject to.

Those who release the heavy illusion of self while still in a physical body, have just done all of their other 5 bodies a huge favor. With that sticky veil of “self” peeled away, we don’t just enter a Maxfield Parrish Elysium, but an infinitely rich multi-verse of possibilities far beyond the horizon of what our 3D minds in a 3D world can imagine. As rich and full of content as this box may be, it is still a tiny little closed box.  Which is a rather accurate metaphor for a closed heart.

OK. The mystic in all of us knows it’s coming. No one goes to hell, (except for right here; the only place hell fits in), and the only way we can get out of the box is in This Moment. In  this Life.   Now.

The approximately 5% of our DNA we know about is only responsible for our biology and 3D reality, the tip of our energetic iceberg.

The other 95% is our Divinity.   Believe it.


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