It Is A Very Big Game


Cut from a slab of Iron rich dense sandstone, this piece named itself “Ironheart”. It is also full of tiny cubes of iron Pyrite, or fool’s gold. Ironheart and Edenlight have kind of a thing going on. and its really good.


The center flower is Carnelian, of the sardonyx type. The white is the onyx, and sard is an old name for carnelian. The flower centers are Raspberry Garnets. The large flower is surrounded by 5 pieces of jade; 4 purple, and 1 green. The smaller star flowers have red jasper, turquoise, tiny Peridots, and Ant mined Quartz crystals. The tendrils are green glow in the dark fabric paint.

We have no lack for divine cheerleaders, who are, by the way,  urging us on to just get it over with, to go ahead and be kind and love one another regardless of whoever: A victory far above any other sense of “winning.”

Any diversion which which promotes the concept of an opponent is the blatantly subtle work of the “anti-Christ”, or “satanic” thought forms. They aren’t beings, just thought forms out there available to anyone who wants to vibe that low.  Mesmerize the masses with rewarded violence.We allow ourselves to be controlled this way, or we fight back by opening our hearts with full understanding of all that is at stake.

Join the team of consciousness, of O’dm (those aware of sharing One Heart), of the Ascended masters who fully grasped their Oneness with the All Creator,or they wouldn’t be ascended, and of those blessed human and e.t. light workers all over the planet who are grounding the Heavens that so want to be right here with us. Because it already IS.

Learn to confidently ignore the mass promotion of fear, which casts such a dark shadow on the doorway,  that we tend not to see it standing wide open before us.

It is a very big game. And guess what?   O’dm is winning!

If it were a card game, you might say we are changing suits now. The God within shall prevail.


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