more secrets


The very fragrant evergreen Clematis armandii.. Pretty magical with your eyes either open or closed.


Let’s face it: We’re not alone.


Multi-tasking inter dimensionally with our heart is the mucilage of divine magic. I have religious friends who warn me that it is not magic. I disagree as politely as I can, for I see it All as magic, all as miraculous: all something none of us can exactly do alone. We can only do it understanding we are co-creators in every aspect of our lives. It is most effective if we do it with at least a little awe…and a lot of Gratitude.

The only reason we can do it is because we know we can. Ignore any persuasion otherwise.

Otherwise we  remain in the shrinking majority  still in the evolutionary phase that is reactive, or fear based, and scared to try. Forget the frightening word SIN. It only means “without”. Specifically it means Without God. Hell is right here, and not a destination. Nothing strips us of the power of our divinity quicker than fear. Fear is HUGE business on this planet. It has successfully kept us spiritually ineffective for exactly long enough, and that “time’ is ending. The only way to effectively love God back is without fear of judgement.  Adoration is a big leg up.

Without God as our co-conspirator  (our Etheric and X-factor bodies that are within the core of our physical experience),  we win nothing but unflattering pictures of ourselves. Divine perfect guidance permeates every aspect of our being, except the part we call “self” which is the source of that illusory separation from fruitful co-creation. You may blame ego if you want, but that is such a famously convenient cop-out.

Even  Buddha said, 2500 years ago, that we are the sum total of every thought we have ever had. And not just in this one very compelling, but very tiny life:  The Self can ONLY  know about this minuscule tip of our personal “iceberg’ afloat in the vaster sea of all possibility and experience, which is a crystalline promise within us all.

The first step in that giant leap to our Divinity is self love, which oxymoronically is the  only release from the trap of self illusion.

These have never been secrets, but have been hoarded by those, who by doing so, have denied even themselves what is the true gift within.They find their only satisfaction within the murk of their self-styled power over those who so allow. But they are who we are as well.

Here’s the last big secret in this post: Loving your “enemies’ is the only sure way to free anyone. I did not make this up.

We did not pave our own road to Heaven with Easiness.

But we paved it, and it’s leading us there most assuredly.


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