One of many hybrid Abutilons. in the Malvaceae, or mallow family, it is a cousin to the hibiscus, and often falsely called flowering Maple. Hummingbirds like them.

So you think your idea of The Creator who created everything (and hasn’t stopped) is of a Being superior to my idea of The Creator who created everything?

Even if our ideas are entirely wrong, how can it not all be the same Creator? If you believe Creation was done by committee, be aware that you are part of that committee, and more committed than your self nature wants you to know.

If you believe your Creator condones the killing of your “enemies’, you don’t even belong in this conversation, because that is no longer CREATOR talk.

Anyone who believes they can’t make a difference is not fully employing our divine ability to BELIEVE IN A NEW REALITY.  If you are not at this time, it is OK. There are many already doing it for you.

We ARE part and parcel to The Big Whodunnit.


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