The P’s

Sometimes, I don’t always need an answer, but am compelled to ask the question.

Though when I ask myself why this may be true, I kind of want the answer, which throws a sort of kibosh upon the noble notion of being indifferent.

Actually, indifferent sounds kind of sensible.  And we tend to find out when we’re ready.

I once had the fortune to stand in the middle of the garden for an hour and a half, which felt like ten minutes, talking with a lady who thought she had come to buy a lavender plant. The spirit of lavender, and her divine supporters had asked The P’s to bring her, which she figured out quickly.

The channel sessions with Mirra, some years earlier, were a class of their own, with teachings from the perspective of Jesus and Gabriel. The kind of personal questions I could ask were limited to helping me adopt a good course of learning.

This impromptu session placed no limits on what I might ask, yet the nature of the answers themselves challenged me to escape from the common box we live in.

Standing face to face a few feet from the Mars Stone, a standing slab of purplish red Mexican Sandstone from an ancient game trail indented with the hoof prints of the Quagga, a now extinct zebra cousin,( the last quagga was killed by a South African farmer because it was grazing on his land),  I asked and listened as this one of many teachers channeled my Pleiadian Spirit Guides.

She called them the P’s, and they spoke through her with a somewhat Asian voice characteristic, as well as a sense of humor. My thus tuned inner “ear” still recognizes this quality when they speak with me today. For as ever present as they are, they are not intrusive, understanding they are part of a much larger team.

Here is the short list of what they taught me:

ABOUT THEM TO ME:  1) They have been with me always, as are Jesus and Buddha.  They qualify perfectly as guardian angels. The DNA of our human divinity was seeded from The star system sometimes called the Seven Sisters, the most visible of The Pleiades, which is easy to find if you can spot Orion. Find the 3 bright stars of Orion’s Belt and that line extends to the right to just below the cluster of the Pleiades, which is commonly mistaken for The Little Dipper. Scandinavians look the most like Pleiadian humanoids. The P’s spirits have never had bodies, nor care to have such a heavy experience.Being androgynous, sex doesn’t mean a hoot to them, though they are aware of what it is. There is nothing bipolar about them at all.

FROM THEM TO ME:  1) Pay close attention to infinity and the infinity sign (The Mobius Strip). I can no longer separate its fractal and unrestricted nature from any reality.

2) Pay close attention to your hummingbirds. (Which were buzzing me constantly in those days)  They will teach you things. They have. They are truly gifted inter dimensional messengers. Once I allowed a hummingbird to give me a tour of a small corner of Edenlight; transmitting to me the unique energy of each type of plant it landed on. They don’t buzz me so much any more, as all energies are now more readily perceived.

3) They advised me to avoid being trapped in dysfunctional relationships that did not support my quest for enlightenment. The heaviness of such exposure can be ruinous to awakening, as is any challenge to an opening heart.

4)  Relative to the opening lines of this post, The P’s had two answers that they used  for at least 80% of my queries, and crazily enough, I always understood why they chose the answers they did. It was a fast learning:

A]  WE ARE ALL ONE BEING. In the final analysis, removing ego, or the illusion of Self, would reveal truth.

B]. THE ANSWER IS IN YOU QUESTION. This was urging me to trust in what WE ALREADY KNOW.

I kept her phone number. Called her about a year later and got some predictions about a direction my art would take. They called them “lumens”, which they described as visuals which would reach people more by its gestalt than its specific details; a catalyst for new understanding. Much of the art and signage at Edenlight has this quality.

About a year passed before the next call. The number was no longer in service. Thank you, K. C. L.; a human gift from the Divine Guidance System. Thank you, P’s for employing her. I hope she is well rewarded for her Service, for when I knew her, even though she was an attorney fighting the Good fight, it was clear that her  higher activities had not connected her with worldly wealth, or much self-promotion at all.

Even though we are speaking of an inner quality, sometimes it is instructive to emphasize that ‘higher ” does exist as a metaphor. A higher wave of life is one that is more brilliant, but is above nothing.

Yesterday, March 16, my friend Pearle brought her son Yul, who lives in Atlanta. One reason we hit it off so well is that he has been communicating with The P’s for years. He calls them The P’s, and has been photographing many forms of e.t. spacecraft for some time, and like me, has difficulties finding many open enough to take such truth seriously.

This truth will not be suppressed much longer. Even the world government cannot stop what is inevitable:  THE RISE OF MAN.






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