Rosa, “White Iceberg”

I Am the Church of All Churches.    Just that.

Not the only church.                            Though I AM.

Not better than another church.      For I Am Not.

I am the church of ALL churches,     Where judgement has never existed,

And The Law of Balance. –  The Great Law of Attraction,

Always seeks equilibrium.


25 kinds of gem are inlaid in this Prime Directive ( on Porphyry Granite).

We reap what we sow Be It.

I must then include the churches that preach hell and damnation.   Oh, well.

I am the basement of all churches,

And there is no hell down here.

It’s all up there where you are.

I am the attic of all churches.

No cobwebs bar my view.

From here, above, below, and everywhere in between,

I see no difference

Between what is ME,                         And what is YOU.

Yes, free will is still free,                 On a grand scale.

I,  The Church of All Churches,      Love All of them,

All within which everyone waits,

Where waiting is the favorite choice.

And there is among them All.        An army of Light Workers,

Who never choose to wait,              PRACTISING LOVE 24/7.

Feet in the basement,                        Heads in the attic,

Not a bit in doubt of their personal divinity,

Brilliantly sharing their Self – Love,

Patiently waiting for You to discover and embrace YOURS,

They embody the congregation.     Which NEEDS no other Church.



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