More About The P’s


This shot has more different sizes of orb than is typical at one time. Note the variety of colors.


Although I usually get the best pictures of orbs while pointing the camera at the night sky, this photo from 2013, is taken on a primary garden path.


NEVER think you are alone.

Yul pointed out that many of the masses of orbs I photograph at night are the only way we see The P’s; the only way they can currently express for our vision.  I found that encouraging, and was lead to a further understanding that much of what we call “inspiration” (though by no means exclusively), comes from these spirits.

I also strongly suspect that to separate them from the concept of “The Holy Spirit” would be erroneous.

My younger daughter Lindsay, who’s husband Joe gave me the computer which made this blog possible for me, has observed numerous times, (and taken photos and videos), on her crib monitor of the Light orb that scans the sleeping child. My older granddaughter, going on 5, recently saw it dancing on her hand. she was awake, and it’s nice she hasn’t outgrown her etheric eyes yet. Maybe she is one who won’t. We don’t know if it is the same spirit watching both granddaughters, as only one appears at a time in the bedroom.

Don’t let this inhibit your connection with the vast array of spirit Guides at our beck and call, and all of The One Source, never forgetting that.


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