The Commonality Becomes Normality, Duh



As all reality is belief based, if you don’t believe it, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy anyway.  Choosing sustainable beliefs becomes pretty important. There are lots of common old beliefs remaining suspended in an old reality – or  vice-versa.

Some of the finest beliefs require sometimes great courage to separate oneself from the nest of resistance; which could be anything from your closest loved ones, to a bond with a gang.  Very powerful attachments, either way, prohibit clarity of heart vision. The fear of following one’s own heart has prevented many an ascension.

Attachment is only fear of loss. In itself it is the opposite of love. There is no faith in this prescription for extended dis-ease. No faith is itself a true belief form, and faithful to the Universal Law of Attraction and Equilibrium (which is the ONLY law of “judgement” – You can call it karma if you like, and it is becoming more and more instant),  lack of Faith, and its innate acceptance of educated defeat, can attract ONLY that defeat, disappointment, wantingness, repetition, and death. This happens, and WILL happen over and over again on this tired treadmill of self absorption, until our hearts and minds  happen to finally notice one another.

Oh, what fine normality THAT would be. Those who misrun the planet will be happily seeking new work.    SOON


Top detail of The Iris Shrine. Inspired by Iris, Goddess of Peace and The Rainbow, is Edenlight’s Pillar to World Peace. Wei-Yen,  a Chinese lady friend who has purchased many plants over the years, once pointed at the Lapis symbol on the Rose Quartz “head”, and said, “What is THAT?” Thinking  Uh-Oh, I answered that I believed it be  a stylized Mandarin character for Peace. Now, pointing at ME, she replied, ” Not just Peace – but Security TOO!”


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