Good Morning

June 16, 2006, Scottsdale, Arizona


The mockingbird yodeled,  And warbled and trilled:  All of its favorites,   So the morning was filled

With mockery and music,   And God written song,    From joy, and in spite of      A world going wrong.

If we only could listen    To this natural truth.   That spills from The Source    As continuous proof –

In the face of the crimes     That make the Earth cry,   We hear life’s celebration    Without questioning why

We poison the planet –    Our Mother and friend,    As though her abundance IMG_0249   Were unable to end.

Do we see the tree,    How it treasures the ground     And caresses the air    Like the sunrise’s sound?

And the mockingbird whistles    From a limb up above:    An open air concert    Of wellness and Love.


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