Solar God. 11/4/2007

What is nature looking at, and never turns its back?   A loving shine that’s glowing, That understands no lack.

The daisy a reflection:   Halo of petal rays,    Round and golden centered,   Seeing only blessed days.

All day a field of poppies,   Turn their necks from east to West,   Never wondering another source,   Never dreaming up a test.

Try to find a flower    Not staring at the sun.   Or leaf that turns its bottom up,   As though from life to run.

Climbing up through darkness,   all vines  will seek the light:   None are known in Heaven  That are striving for the night.

I show my face and spread my arms,    Should you wonder why I bother-    close my eyes and in my blindness,    Look directly at The Father.

And where I see The Father,   Is assuredly another:    For everywhere that God is,   Thank God there is The Mother!


Here  are the 3 primary colors that comprise The One White Light. The Yellow Black Eyed Susans (Rudbeckia) are obvious: The Father Sun color. The Red and the Blue are here blended with the Pink of the heart to produce the light magenta color of The Holy Mother. (Echinacea, or Purple Cone flower.)

Paramahansa Yogananda once said, and I paraphrase: “When in need, Do go to both The Father and The Mother, but go first to The Mother, for she is always closer.”


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