IMG_0808IMG_0807IMG_0861The love -grounding engine.  Sits serenely on the roof.   The peace it puts into me  
  The only tangible proof.
One hundred eight pieces,   Of quartz a pale rose pink;   A sympathetic construction.  To inspirit what you think.
A slight right curve    At the top of the heart,   Hooks the Mother Vortex,   and pulls a piece apart.
A double head of Amethyst     In the cleavage of the crown    Receive and invest Love’s essence,     Before sending it to ground.
An inner heart of Indian Slate,   A vital core of Earth pull,    Embraced by a double quartz wall,    Converting energies most worth-ful.
Then channels through the relays,   which really are a tuner,   For the frequencies of Spirit,   And for One who wants it sooner.
A most unlikely looking montage,   For raising our vibration,   The concept a self creating gift,   And grounding Our Foundation.
Clear Crystals in alignment,   Two nested hearts of Quartz,   Obsidian at anchor,   Are exceeding all reports.
A child sat there quietly,    So I asked what he had to say,    And was pleased at the quickest answer;    “I could sit right here all day.”
When the engine was up and running,   I was given a small rubber duck,   Which I put by the black obsidian,   In homage to humor and luck.
The yellow rubber Duckie    Is the only non-mineral part.    If you’re truly working to integrate love,   Perhaps start with the lightest of hearts.
This has a primary purpose;   What appears a heart of stone;    What may look cold and hard    Is for grounding love alone.
An arrangement of rocks on a barn roof,    Top the source where love is welling;    The infinite aquifer of Grace,   A nature story worth telling.

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