Turtle Island

There is within the Native American mythos the story of Mother Earth coming about upon the back of a Turtle Spirit. A really big Turtle spirit. Of course once you leave our 3D confines,  size doesn’t mean a thing.

The Turtle Island Mandala which I spent a total of 3 or 4 months creating over several installments of prolonged fixation, is made upon a 2 x 2 piece of Indian (from the place actually called India) Slate.

Like many inspirations, this piece began as something less involved. I had designed an 8 point grid at the Male end of the garden, which required some yellow and brown agate to make it work. The turtle’s body is that piece of agate. The Jasper flippers appeared, and suddenly it was a sea turtle. Well, I couldn’t just stop there. The ring of white granite came next, made from little tile like slices created when cutting bowl shapes in the top of the 8 Chinese Granite columns that delineate the grid. Each column is topped with minerals of the appropriate color for their position on the grid. Again, I used about 80 different earth materials in this piece of inspirited art.

If you were to notice a bit of Crop Circle energetics here, you would not be imagining things. It is also the center of one of Edenlight’s vortices. I was standing upon the bare earth where the mandala is now installed, and clearly felt it “pop” open. It is a wonderful platform to stand on barefoot while going inwardly outward – or vice/versa. It is a Portal.

Not forgetting Iris, every color is honored by more then one mineral.


The basic symbology is of The Four Races of Man reuniting with Mother Earth. This is such a simple concept, that I’m sure our World leaders are working diligently on it.


The Jasper flippers  from Salem, Utah, look like Salem, Utah from space. The 72 Sun Rays  are Kokopelis, made of glass seed beads, copper wire flutes, Herkimer quartz heads, and 3 feathers; 2 of ant mined quartz crystals, and the center one of purple fluorite, found on the same hike in New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment. Each Man is made of a different colored seed bead, and all have brown Diamond eyes and a pearl mouth surrounded by Gold filled wire.


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