While looking for more blessings to count, like I needed to do that….well, actually I did need to do that, because there are many times in the clutches of this energetic shift when it feels that challenge is the theme for everyone right now. Realizing our blessings is sometimes the only solace.  “Only”  is a silly word in this context, for without the core  blessing of creation, we wouldn’t even have an experience to compare anything with. It’s all relative. Sometimes even your relatives can be your friends.

I can’t imagine anyone, who if not themselves, does not know or know of someone going through hell on earth right now. Don’t let that sound like I begrudge being so blessed.  Au contraire.

I wasn’t casting about looking for blessings when the collective value of those who befriend me jumped onto my hook of appreciation.  But it was a good catch.

In one comprehensive flash I was given a reality with the friends I have,  and at the same time, kind of like Old Scrooge, given a picture of life without them. Yes, it was a creepy void,  and seems kind of blasphemous to spend time describing the difference.

I would love to post a whole list of those who are the satellites of my experience, giving of themselves and their manifestations; all blessings.  It is my wish that feel they receive fair measure in return. I fall back with some comfort  knowing that Edenlight is a heaven grounding gift to all beings, friendly or not, certainly beyond my own total comprehension.

With the immediate exception of thanking Edenlight, a Rainbow Being and giver of her name to the garden, I am guided not to list names of friends here, both for the sake of those I would include, as well as those I would have forgotten. I may have to use that line when I get my next Oscar…


Going to Heaven in a Hand Basket

Please all know I value your amity more than ever before.        Brian


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